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Play It Forward SWMO

Reba Brew Snelson
Reba Brew Snelson is the Secretary/ Treasurer. She worked as VP of Finance and Outreach Director for CMT Group Inc dba Car-Fi for the past 7 years and recently retired. She volunteers for various community charities focusing on assisting the homeless and the home challenged.

During her time at Car-Fi, she managed a street ministry in front of the business and started the Springfield Street Aid Station. She donated it upon her retirement to an area Outreach organization where it is being used to provide hygiene and food items 24 hours a day on the streets of Springfield.

“As one of 12 children, I remember not being able to obtain an instrument while in sixth grade due to my family’s financial limitations. I have always wished that I had the opportunity to learn music and believe every child should be provided this gift. I am honored to be a part of Play it Forward and share in their mission” says Reba.