Become a Sponsor – Join the SWMO Player’s Club

The Players Club
Studies clearly show the benefits of music education. The problem we’re facing is a lot of students are not able to purchase or rent a band instruments. It gets worse when the student’s school district cannot provide the necessary band instruments due to funding and budget cuts in the arts. Play It Forward SWMO has a way to help – the SWMO Player’s Club. This exclusive club is designed for you to sponsor a band/orchestra student by paying their monthly rental fees.

In partnership with you and local instrument rental outlets your contribution serves as a scholarship rental for a student for the fiscal year of their school. Each SWMO Players Club Member will agree to pay the students monthly rental fee which can range between 26 and 45 dollars a month or you can pay the entire rental fee for the fiscal year. Your contribution is tax deductible through the Play It Forward program.

Your small payment will not only give a child an opportunity to be able to join the school’s band program, you give them the ability to practice with the instrument at home. To a young aspiring musician, this gift alone changes everything. The Play It Forward SWMO program will connect you with your perfect student. We would encourage you to build a relationship with your scholar recipient, and watch your student/musician grow and flourish musically! Attend their end of year recital, meet their music teachers, their parents, grandparents or guardians, or choose to remain anonymous. Either way, through the SWMO Player’s Club program you will have the honor and privilege knowing your contribution made the difference in a child’s life.