Play it Forward SWMO is a Springfield based program which began in 2015 as a chapter of Play It Forward Musical Foundation in St. Louis, established in 2006. Our mission is to ensure children in SW Missouri are provided with the opportunity to discover his or her musical talents. Learning an instrument provides children a fun, educational and safe activity – all while helping to develop their young minds in a positive way. Studies at the Boston Children’s Hospital has shown a connection between learning to play an instrument and improved executive functioning, like problem-solving, switching between tasks and focus. As a community it’s our responsibility to help make sure these kids have every opportunity to explore their musical passions.

In keeping with our mission, the Play it Forward SWMO Program:

  • Encourages people to dig into their basements, attic’s, spare rooms and donate their previously played instruments to the Play It Forward SWMO program.
  • Donates musical instruments to children whose school and parents cannot afford the equipment.
  • Contributes instruments to schools whose music department funding does not cover the costs for instruments for students who wish to join the school’s music program.
  • Coordinates shows and events locally to promote and enhance the Play It Forward SWMO program.

Go to our contact page or drop-off locations and donate your Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Cellos, Trumpets and more! Please no pianos!

Get involved and find out how you can help today!

Be A Rock Star, Donate An Instrument To A Child