Why Play It Forward?


When Play It Forward SWMO was created in 2015 we knew that music and art programs in our schools were struggling. There had to be a way to assist the the children that had a desire to play music. Lower income school districts don't have it in their budget to provide instruments so children can play in the school band. And many familys that have children attending these schools are finacially unable to buy or rent instrument for their kids to experience the positive effects of music education.


We realized that there were more instruments in our homes than there were in our schools. We knew many people probably have old band and orchestra instruments, drums, guitars, instrument accessories, music stands, and more just collecting dust in their spare rooms,  basements, attics and closets. Our mission is to get those instruments out of the homes and into the schools, where they are desperately needed. This is where you come in.


When you donate an instrument you no longer use to Play It Forward SWMO, we will clean and repair them and give them new homes with children that want to participate in the music experience but can't for lack of an instrument. Donations can be done at any one of our drop-off locations or Play It Forward SWMO affiliated local events.


To help enrich a child's life musically through a donation, CONTACT US

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